About Us

Welcome to Sacra Mvlier VII gold jewellery, where minimalism is style and contemporary jewellery design is the creation. Handpicked and uniquely crafted, each piece of our modern minimalist jewellery moulds a concept. Our precious gemstones have been sourced from India, Burma, and Colombia. Our brand's intention is to embrace your profound power.

A plethora of statements, we bring to you valuable treasures of the earth – contemporary jewellery designs wrought in gold. Fashionable, yet timeless pieces with ancient rawness at its core!

The designer Warda AlKandari is experienced in art work and aimed to manifest her creations on a new avenue. The brand was established in 2017. Sacra connoisseurs can find us in pop up stores, galleries and online jewellery shopping. We explore gold designer earrings, necklaces, rings and cuffs – luxury jewellery for women in particular.